• Just a Soldier’s Wife?

    Margery Corbett Ashby was the first female candidate to stand in a Parliamentary Election in Birmingham. Rachel Gillies reflects on her achievements and how both the press and voters responded to her campaign.

  • Poppy Broach on green jumper

    A day of Remembrance

    This morning during our workshop at Edgbaston Community Centre, we observed a silence at 11am for Remembrance Day. It is 101 years since the guns fell silent at the end of World War One, but…

  • On the lookout for Artists

    The People’s Heritage Co-operative and our community partners are seeking Artists to support their community heritage project, ‘Represent’.

  • Birmingham Heritage Week: Creative Writing Workshop

    We are delighted to be participating in this year's Birmingham Heritage Week. Join Birmingham historical novelist and biographer, Fiona Joseph, for a hands-on Creative Writing session around the theme of how Birmingham’s people…

  • Take 5

    Our partners at The Active Wellbeing Society have been supporting Represent as we explore how a community heritage project can impact on the health and wellbeing outcomes of participants.

  • Inside the Golden Box

    Above the 4th Floor of the Library of Birmingham is a golden ceiling. Above the ceiling is where the secrets are hidden, where the stories wait to be told. The golden box, visible…

  • Using the vote

    In the current political climate, the default answer of people when asked if they are political seems to be that they are generally bewildered or disillusioned with politics. When so many people seem…