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  • In Darkest Birmingham – housing and overcrowding in post WW1 Birmingham

    Health inequalities, job insecurities and working conditions, overcrowding and poor quality housing, educational attainment, access to open spaces and pollution – these are all subheadings I could include in an article about the disparities in Britain (& the rest of the world) highlighted by Covid19. But I’ve actually been looking at housing conditions and their ramifications in post-WW1 Birmingham. Plus ca change…..

  • Inside the Golden Box

    Above the 4th Floor of the Library of Birmingham is a golden ceiling. Above the ceiling is where the secrets are hidden, where the stories wait to be told. The golden box, visible from the outside of the building, is where Birmingham's archive collections are stored. It's a treasure trove belonging to all Brummies - and we couldn't wait to share some of its contents with the groups we have been working with...